Author Topic: Cliffhanger Hillclimb, Masterton  (Read 983 times)


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Cliffhanger Hillclimb, Masterton
« on: February 28, 2015, 11:08:59 PM »
G'dday, I haven't been here for while - the TLR project has been paused to make room for renovations and grandkids, and I broke my leg in four places before christmas fukitall. Good news is a bitof paint and the bike'll be back to her old beautiful, though fully clothed self! Hopefully the weight I lost relying on the wife and kids to feed me will make me even quicker up the hill this year!! Which brings me to my point....

Anyone out there want to enter? its the  14th and 15 of March, just out of masterton - with plenty of room for tents etc. Running water, toilets and power during the day. Here's the website with entryform and details:

Heres a look at whatfun you will have: Practise on a 999...

And kicking arse on a ZX10R...

Ha, I picked those two because I'm the dude standing at the top at the end of each run - black leathers first time, black n white gay suit the 2nd! Just so you know who to buy a beer for bringing this oppurunity of a lifetime to your attention!!!

If you don't want to enter, but would like to get paid to hang out at an awesome event, we still need a few marshalls. If you can count to 15 minimum - tho 40'd be better, and use an RT you can be part of NZ's mini I.O.M! There will be training given, you'll be fed and watered, and given a small $$ to show our appreciation (we aint Dorna, it will be small, maybe $60-$70 for two days. Thats 60-70 more than Marshals have got previously...)

If you want to marshal the best thing would be send me a text with your details - 027 413 5451. You can also e-mail me, but I'm pretty fuckn useless at checking them, though I will try harder!!

Cheers, Jimmy.

As I don't do facebook, and I gather lots of members here do, would someone be willing to copy n paste this to the NZSF Facebook page?? Id appreciate it....

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Re: Cliffhanger Hillclimb, Masterton
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2015, 12:08:10 PM »
Must remember to check forum more often Duh!.....


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Re: Cliffhanger Hillclimb, Masterton
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2015, 07:08:01 PM »
Yeah bit slow out the gate there lol that looks fucking cool tho, Jay Lawrence zx10 hardly goes under 200kph the whole way  punk
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